First Lockheart, Third Shih

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  1. Well, today was a bag bonanza. I received my first Lockheart and my third Shih. I am really liking the Lockheart quality and Shih is one of my favorite brands. Without ado . . .





  2. Loving the Shih!! Is it red or pink??
  3. It's bright pink. Cloudy today and my photos aren't coming out quite right.
  4. A Kiera tote! Where did you find it Rondafaye?
  5. Laws, yes, that turquoise Kiera tote has had my attention for the entire time of its listing (quite a while now) and stays on my watch list. I cannot warm to that price, the only reason I did not snag it over a month ago.

    You will love your Lockheart, I guarantee it. My current score is 3 Lockhearts, 2 Shihs. More of both will happen sooner or later.
  6. Very pretty!! Congrats on both!
  7. Just to add, there are new "summer preview" bags on the Shih site in some wonderful bright crinkled patents. Ahh, turquoise!
  8. You and be both! I've been watching that turquoise, but the price is just too high. It is gorgeous, though, isn't it? I did send the seller an email awhile back asking if she'd take $375 but she said no. Oh, well, nothing wrong with trying, right? Of course, that was at least two months ago and that bag's still not sold. Maybe someone else would have better luck!
  9. Love the oversize snaps on the Shih! Congrats rondafaye!
  10. Wow, I really like the second one!
  11. I love the Lockheart. I've been eyeing those bags for awhile now and will eventually take the plunge. Congrats on your purchases.
  12. Congratulations on your first Lockheart. They are beautiful, aren't they? For your wallet only, I hope you don't fall in love!
  13. For me, Lockheart = indentured servitude to American Express. Oh well, we all need a reason to go to work every day (and look good doing it!).

    Meanwhile, Rondafaye, I have been waiting for that 10 percent discount on the turquoise Keira to get higher...surely, I thought, after another month went by, but no. I even asked Shih if they have any sitting around but no luck there either!
  14. Pink- did you see the Instyle coupon that was good for pretty much the entire month of April at The Purse Store? I called them last week and they said they were getting new bags in sometime this month. She couldn't tell me specifics. But I keep checking for Lockhearts.