First lil' Chloe is here!!

  1. Hey all, I'm very happy to report after much longing and yearning and a couple returns, I've finally found my first (and not last!) Chloe...the adorable paddy clutch!

    While I'm slowly getting used to bigger bags, I can't resist a few small ones for going out and this one is coming with me tonight!

    I'd like to give a shout out to chloe-babe for the additional info on this gem which convinced me to go for it!! :party:

    Please excuse the somewhat amateur photography...:upsidedown:

    Cheers, Ladies!!
    Chloe 001a.jpg Chloe 002a.jpg
  2. Pursegrrl, that is one cute clutch! May I ask where you got it? Have fun out and about tonight. Isn't the weather great in Seattle today?
  3. Oh yeah, gorgeous weather...took the day off yesterday and went up to Friday Harbor with the BF so I don't feel too guilty about being inside and posting for awhile.

    :back2topic: I got the clutch through Bergdorf Goodman. I'm starting to use them online instead of NM due to that fun sales tax issue (no tax with BG!).

  4. ahhhhhh It sooo cute, I want to take it home and give it a bottle of milk :biggrin:

    Enjoy taking it out for its very first outing, and when you have time, can you take some piccies of you holding it, so we can see it in real life :biggrin:
  5. Ooooh, chloe-babe I sure will! You rock. :wlae: With it being on the smallish side, do you recommend keeping the leather strap and key (which is attached to the zipper pull?) I assume yes even though it's a little long - ? TIA!
  6. defo, I would keep them on there, it makes it even cuter.

    awwwwwww I want one now ;)
    its so cute :biggrin:
  7. Very cute....I was thinking of getting it...what does the inside look like?
  8. i am so jealous! i wanted this clutch!
  9. oooh, it's sooo beautiful! congrats :yahoo:
  10. Hi illini! The inside is plain black canvas with a round leather "Chloe" label sewn in on one side. There are no additional pockets or dividers inside.

    On the exterior, the padlock side is a teeny pocket with a single snap closure but that is probably not even big enough for a credit card.
  11. I just saw that the other day - it is adorable! Enjoy that cutie. :yes:
  12. OK, here's an attempt with a picture - sorry about my lack of a steady hand!

    This clutch does have a small strap as well, but the clutch kind of 'tilts' forward due to how it's attached.

    I'm 5'4" so you can see how it looks. What is this outfit? An old Club Monaco shirt (feeling bloated, argh), my new Joe's cigarette jeans and Michael Kors high heeled clogs.

    I'm still in gooey love with this clutch!
    chloe (3).jpg
  13. Love the Kors clogs :smile:

    And that bag is ADORABLE!!!
  14. Very cute!! I love the clutch...congrats! :smile:
  15. love it! :smile: