First LE.....HELP!!!!

  1. Hello you gorgeous LV lovers,

    This is my first time posting a thread so please don’t be upset if I make a mistake. I have several LV pieces, and I am looking to get my very first LE piece. I have decided it’s either the Mirage Griet in the black or the Marina pm in the blue. They have them both at my boutique but not for long so I have to make my decision ASAP. The Griet is beautiful but it does not seem like a bag I could wear just anywhere. The Marina is adorable, but the color palette seems more appropriate for spring/summer than year round. I really like them both. I was also considering the Biker. They have it as well, but it’s so beautiful, I didn’t even want to touch it. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  2. I would get the Mirage Griet in the black
  3. black mirage griet!!!
  4. Another vote for Mirage Griet
  5. my vote goes for the marina. the griet is HUGE, imo. although i do like the biker....but the price point is hard to swallow for me.
  6. Mirage Griet and the Biker. The Marina just doesn't do it for me, no offense. I'm not a fan of the color palette or the design. Too candy cane...but the Biker and Griet are stunning.
  7. Another vote for the Mirage Griet. :tup:
  8. First of all I wouldn't choose the griet. It's huge! Really not elegant IMO.

    The marina is cute but as you said: it's more for the summer.

    I would go for the biker, if that is an option! Good luck!
  9. Definitely Mirage either color!
  10. If funds aren't an issue--BIKER!
  11. Griet!
  12. Griet! I have the speedy mirage noir and I just adore the colors more and more every day! I would love to have the griet as well, though I think it's too pricey for a same style bag. But if you don't have a mirage piece already I would def. choose that one!
  13. Mirage Griet
  14. Mirage Griet
  15. mirage griet!!