First Hermes bag - A Kelly 32!

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  1. Have been developing a relationship with an SA in the NYC Broad Street location when in the area for work. Last week, he offered me this gorgeous Kelly: Gold 32 Epsom Sellier PHW. Epsom leather wasn't my thing at first but seeing this bag in action, nothing beats epsom if you want a structured bag like I did. I'm thrilled and can't stop staring at it. What many people fail to mention is how pleasant the interior smells - like a brand new luxury car. Given the price point, I suppose that makes sense.

    Also purchased a large charnier bracelet to add to my budding collection.
    20180402_201326.jpg 20180402_201056.jpg 20180402_201050.jpg
  2. Gorgeous!! congrats!!
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  3. A Beautiful Classic! Congratulations!!!
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  4. This is so amazing! congratulations! :love:
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  5. Thank you! It's amazing to have this one. I wanted something understated and I got it!
  6. Such a classic! I love that it's understated :smile: Congrats!!
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  7. Beautiful classic! I love Epsom leather.
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  8. Congratulations!!
  9. Congrats on your new K! Gold is one of my favs :loveeyes:
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  10. Beautiful Kelly! Enjoy :idea:
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  11. Good first hermes handbag color, I think!
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  12. Same! Those in the know will know and those who don't will recognize it as a nicer than normal handbag.
  13. Thank you! What do you like about epsom?
  14. Such a classic!! Congratulations on this beauty!
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  15. Gorgeous!! I think epsom is terrific for a sellier Kelly
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