First Gucci - but having second thoughts

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  1. I'm so glad I found this forum! I bought my first gucci yesterday - a black fabric sukey medium. Now I'm having second thoughts and am thinking I should exchange if for a black guccissima. What do you think? Any thoughts would be appreciated :smile:
  2. If you don't love it, take it back. Gucci is too expensive for even an ounce of doubt IMO.
  3. Guccissima is definitely more durable than canvas hands down...go for it !
  4. @howardu09 - totally true. Thanks for the advice!

    @sneezz - I saw your pics of your sand guccissima and love it! I'm going to exchange it tomorrow. Thanks!
  5. I agree- only keep it if you love it. I think the guccissima is gorgeous! I bought the black sukey in smooth black leather, but the guccissima leather is so much nicer.
  6. Guccissima rules!! :smile:
  7. I say go for the guccissima also! Its so nice and pretty! Can't wait to see pics of whatever you decide! :smile:

  8. It sounds a little like you really wanted the Guccissima leather version all along ;) so glad you are buying the one you really, really want.

    It's not only good for your happiness but in the long run it will save you $ too because you won't have one while dreaming of another - wise move :tup:
  9. Yep! I would get the guccissima one for sure! It will last longer and easy to maintain.
  10. Hehe and you will love yours! Post pics when you get her! ;)
  11. Guccissima is the way I would go... I just love it..
  12. OMG def take it back...the black guccissima sukey is next on my list..and I agree with the previous post that if you're not TOTALLY in love....return it and get what you REALLY love..!!!
  13. Here she is. Sorry, I couldn't figure out how to rotate the first picture.
    I am so happy and in LOVE! Thank you ALL for your advice and comments. Looking forward to seeing more of your fabulous Guccis and purses!

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  14. Congrats! Such a lovely black guccissima sukey!
  15. :love:

    LOVE it !!!!!!!! Congrats!