First Dior...

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  1. Ive been eyeing this bag for awhile and finally found it online. I usto always buy coach but am selling them and turning to Dior. I love this blue. Nevermind the Hypnotiq, I was showing my mom how my bag matches my liquor, lol.
  2. welcome to Dior hun! a beautiful handbag for a start please post some modelling pics, too :flowers:
  3. Lovely colour! Congrats :wlae:
  4. cograts!u have a such a beautiful bag.
  5. The blue looks fantastic!!! :biggrin: I hope you get many more Diors!
  6. congrats:biggrin:
  7. my gosh. wow.! not too shabby for a first dior! NOT SHABBY AT ALL!
  8. Wow! That is such a beautiful color, perfect for summer. Congrats!
  9. Love it!!:love:
  10. what a beautiful color for summer. congratulations on your first dior. it's not going to be the last that's for sure. haha!
  11. Beautiful bag you got. Pale blue with short handles.
  12. Congrats!! What a beautuful shade of blue, you'll definitely get attention
    with this bag :smile:
  13. Congratulations! That's such a beautiful bag.
  14. I just bought my first Dior Saddle Bag! Im so excited for it!
  15. lol love the Hypnotiq in the pic...cute dior bag...great first bag