First day with toki?

  1. Okay well today was the first day of school! As always you must look good for the first day, the rest of the 181 days dont really matter. So I wore this simple outfit and let my BV shine through =].
    candid.JPG modelsorta.JPG
  2. That's so cute~~ It goes with your outfit really well :yes: Love the placement on the front!!
  3. Looks great, Renald0c!! I love that you coordinated your outfit with your Tutti BV! :tup:
  4. wow tutti looks awesomely good on a guy!!
  5. Thanks Nancies =] Haha I have no other outfits for tmw though x_______X

    Heres a closer pic of my bag!
  6. LOVE IT!!! :heart:
  7. Lookin' good, and sportin' Toki!! :yes: What are you going to school for??

  8. Im still a senior in HS x____x
  9. Wow Reynald0c...looking great for your first day back! :tup:
  10. Wow, until I see your pic, I never knew a guy can really rock a Toki! Gorgeous!
  11. I never knew it either till I saw a dude with a Black Camo PG Scuola. He totally rocked that. One of my best guy friends at work saw my Citta Scuola and was like, "Man I'd totally wear that bag, that's so awesome!" Scuolas + Guys = Awesome, apparently.

    You're the second guy that I've seen EVER wearing Toki, and you definitely look great in it.

    I tried to get my boyfriend to hold my Spiaggia BV, which he reluctantly carried for 5 seconds in a very brutish manner. :roflmfao:
  12. My brother has a Black Cammo PG Scuola that he rocks whenever he goes school or just hanging out with his friends
  13. haha go to school in your jammies :p I'm a frosh in college, and that's what I do :biggrin:
  14. nice!!

    my boyfriend doesnt approve of my toki addiction, but apparently he really likes to hang my bags around his neck whenever i'm busy oogling tokis! he's weird -___-
  15. I've never seen a guy rock a toki, but I must say, you look great with yours.

    Tutti is one of my fave prints, & your outfit looks great with it! :]