First day at new job...

  1. Hi everyone...

    Today is my first day at a new job (first day of general hospital orientation). I'm going to be working as a per diem nurse at a new hospital in their NICU. I slept over my bf's house last night and on the way home this morning, I was listening to Z100. They were giving away a spa package to the 100th caller...I think it's a $100 gift certificate to any spa in the area. I figured I'd give it a try and I WON!! :yahoo: *W:huh:hOo*!! I have been needing a massage and a facial for a looong time. :P Great way to start the day...Wish me luck at work (that I don't fall asleep during orientation).
  2. ahhh thats great news, and what a fab start to your new job :biggrin:

    hope today goes really well for you :smile:
  3. Congrats, and good luck at work!
  4. Congrats! What a nice way to start your morning! Good luck on your new job!
  5. Congratulations!!! It sounds like something you will love! Nothing more relaxing than a good massage. First day of anything new makes me anxious, but I'm sure you will be fine.
  6. Hope your first day went well!
  7. wohooo i think today is your lucky day
  8. Congrats all around to you!!
  9. Congrats on winning the spa package, and on getting a new job!:yahoo:
  10. What great luck!
    I predict you'll be getting a massage!
  11. Thanks everyone...the day was soooooo long. I hate hospital orientations. At least the rest of the week is nursing orientation...that should be a little bit more interesting.