First Chloe......

  1. Hi...
    Planning to buy my very first chloe bag!!!!:yahoo: Need help deciding what to get.....:confused1: should I get a large leather paddington tote or a tracy???? Which one would be more versatile? Thanks in advance for all your reply...:winkiss:
  2. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the Tracy but for a first Chloé I would definitely recommend the Paddington if you were to choose between the two.

    Welcome and I'm glad our Chloé lovers family is growing!
  3. Welcome to tPF!!! Let us know if you have any questions!!!!

    I would definitely go for the Paddy for your first! And your second! LOL! Seriously, the paddy is just the classic Chloe bag! Then, go for the Tracy for your second bag! With Chloe, you just can't stop at one! or two! Well, you get the picture! Welcome aboard!
  4. :yes: Paddy~ Definitely a classic Chloe bag!!!!
  5. ^^^^
    :yes: Agree wholeheartedly between the two the Paddy!!
  6. Like everyone else said, get a Paddy.

    It's a gorgeous bag and you won't regret it!
  7. The paddy tote is awesome (I have in anthracite) but I also LOVE the large tracy tote. The style of paddington I have has two large zipper pockets on each side, perfect for files, books etc and one large zippered compartment in the middle. The tracy has one large opening (and is open at the top) so it doesn't organize stuff quite as well.
  8. I like the paddy.
  9. I would choose a paddington for a first Chloé. They are just so yummy!
  10. Paddy is great but if you are speaking of the large tote remember it will be very heavy when filled. I would go for the Tracey, it's a very elegant bag
  11. The Paddy will most likely remain a classic for years to come.....
    I'd make that my 1st choice.
  12. definately the paddington its a classic!
  13. Welcome tPF! The first Chloe has to be a paddy!!! Regardless of what you need it for! Who needs to be practical?! :happydance:

    I'm falling for the tracy ( or is it tracey?) too. There's something about it. :heart:
  14. Defo the paddy - I personally don't like the look of the Tracey
  15. My suggestions:

    1) Paddington
    2) Betty
    3) Edith
    4) Silverado
    5) Tracy
    6) 2nd

    Either way they are all BEAUTIFUL!