First Chloe

  1. Please help me choose between the Paddington and the bay.This is going to be my first Chloe
  2. Paddington for me!
  3. Paddington.. :biggrin:
  4. Paddy!
  5. paddy definitely, at least for the first
  6. yes definitely paddy paddy paddy all the way:yes:
  7. Bay is a great bag but you should break in your first as a paddy I reckon
  8. This is a no-brainer. I love this question b/c I actually have to give this NO THOUGHT whatsoever!
    PADDY, PADDY, PADDY, PADDY :yahoo: :yahoo:
  9. paddington--bay is just not my favorite...
  10. DEFINITELY a Paddington!
  11. I would get the bay. Usually the first run of a new bag is coveted later as being exceptionally nice. The new paddingtons just aren't doing it for me, and you will always be able to get I would get the bay while you have a chance to get a first-run bag and then get a paddington when they address some of the leather quality issues! :yes: I'm sure you will be happy either way, as both are beautiful bags!
  12. I love both - but for your first chloe then definately a PADDY :heart:
  13. yep I agree with Kisa, there is nothing nicer than the first season new bags, so for this reason I would say bay is a great choice BUT, if you could do your research and luck out and find an 05 bag, then I would say Paddy, no question at all :biggrin:

    good luck, its a lovely dilemma to have :smile:
  14. My first Chloe was a Paddy and I feel it was a wise choice and recommend it to anyone who asks. Nice to know I share the wisdom of others here. :--)

    You won't be disappointed...
  15. i say paddy. :biggrin: