First Chanel?

  1. I've always loved Chanel and I think Im finally ready to buy one. I just wanted to get a few opinions on what you feel is a great bag for my first Chanel. I really love the classic quilted style. If you have photos (Im still learning which styles are which!) and/or what your bag retailed for, that would be great. Thank you for any info you have!
  2. Here is my first Chanel bag and I love it and always will. Soft shiny Lambskin with silver hardware.
    chanel1.jpg chanel2.jpg chanel3.jpg
  3. Have you checked out the Reference Library?
    It's FULL of almost every style, including colors and prices:yes:
  4. Oh thank you! I'll go look at that. Im obviously still learning the ins and outs of this forum! :yes: