First Chanel !

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  1. I want to get my first Chanel bag. I want a jumbo flap bag in black with silver hardware! I been doing my research but I’m still so confused as to what’s the best way to take care of it. Is it safe to buy a inside organizer to keep its shape? Do I store them inside there dust bag and not in the box? Is it safe to store them just openly with nothing on them? Can I cover the chain with a felt piece of fabric so Theres no in prints on the top of the bag or is tissue paper the best way? How can I put the strap inside the bag? I will appreciate all the tips you guys have for me
    Thank you guys !
  2. Store it inside the dust bag outside of the box!

    As for the rest I’m not sure about the best storage method but for mine, I keep it laying down stuffed with acid-free silk paper.

    I keep mine laying down, since I’m not too worried about flatting the chevron quilt. I store the chain outside of the bag because I don’t want to damage the delicate lambskin lining of the bag.
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  3. Thank you!!
  4. Inside the dustbag, but outside the bag - totally agree!

    You can wrap the chain up like they do in the store when you purchase it, if you like. I personally store mine stuffed with air paper with the chain on the inside. Like I put air paper, then the chain, then more air paper so the chain doesn‘t lie on the bottom of the bag and leave marks there! I also store it standing up
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  5. I pull the chain into the bag on one side and store standing stuffed with paper as is. No bag, no box because I am lazy and need to get at the bag quick. No issues.
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  6. Buy first think later. Things will work out. Good choice btw
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  7. Just trying to be prepared