First Chanel Purchase! Vintage!

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  1. OMG! I think I'm gunna have a heart attack LOL just purchased a Vinatge Chanel... I'm usually at the LV forum but I have been wanting a Chanel for the longest time, just recently watched a beauty guru on YouTube, makeupbytiffanyd, and she talked about the gold hardwares on vintage pieces from 2009 down are gold plated! we are talking LOL I did a research and confirmed it plus the seller said it's stated in the care booklet. I will post it here once I have received it. :graucho:

    What do you guys think? Especially those Chanel vintage owners...:wondering
  2. Sounds like you did your research. You may want to pay $5 to have it authenticated just for piece of mind! Share some pics with us once you have it!
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  3. Congrats!! I saw her vid too :smile:
  4. Congrats on your first Chanel! Please do have it authenticated by Etinceler Authentications or Authenticate4U online (cost is $5-7 and worth every penny in peace of mind). The hardware is plated with an alloy that contains gold; it's not pure plated. It's very pretty and I have one and the hardware is immaculate. Congrats but don't forget the authentication. And the photos; we all want to see!
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  5. Thanks everyone! Thanks for the advice too I'd get it authenticated using the site you guys mentioned. Yup will definitely post pics here. Will update it here on this thread.
  6. And I read it's 24 carat gold that was used in the alloy? Pretty cool! Will definitely post pics !
  7. What kind of bag did you buy?
  8. Cant wait to see your reveal
  9. Shopper tote? But doesn't look like the big ones ...haha sorry I still have to study Chanel more using this forum... I'm more of an LV girl before falling inlove with Chanel.:biggrin:
  10. Me too LOL
  11. Maybe a PST (petite shopping tote)? It's smaller than a GST (grand shopping tote)
  12. It looks different because it looks like a shoulder bag too...that's what made me fall inlove with it ...kinda different...LOL oh so those are the meaning of PST and GST! Still no time browse the Chanel forum because of my lil one:wacko::smile:
  13. OMG! I just bought the same one! I was also inspired by Tiffany's video! LOL! I have been wanting a Chanel bag for the longest time, and after watching her video I decided to just go for it. I figure once I have kids it will be harder for me to convince the husband to let me make such a big purchase! :P

    And like Tiffany said, a Chanel bag is an investment, as long as you take care of them, they hold their value.
  14. Hahaha I just gave birth 12 weeks ago and I told myself! it's the last big purchase I'd ever buy for now until I go back to work. I don't tell my husband about the luxurious bags I buy though hahaha...he doesn't have any idea even when he sees them...before when we didn't have a child yet, I try to ask him when I want to buy expensive stuff, his response is only's your money, do whatever you want ...But now I feel guilty that we have a baby...oh well ...I know when I saw that posting of that Vinatge Chanel , it won't last long like someone would beat me to that perfect condition ( as I see it based on the photos) despite being vintage, I think the price is reasonable...
  15. Congrats on BOTH your new babies, then! Boy or Girl??

    I had to strike a deal to sell some of my old bags(Michael Kors and Rebecca Minkoff). It'll be hard, but worth it.