First Chanel opinions

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  1. Hi all. I want to purchase my first Chanel bag. I looked at the GST but it was too small and boxy to me. The XL was suggested but none where in the store. Are there any other suggestions for a first bag?? I'm fairly new to Chanel and all the lingo. I've been a LV but it's time for a change.
  2. 1) Decide your budget
    2) Look through the Chanel library to get an idea of the bags out there
    3) Decide if you want new or pre-owned
    4) Do a search for the bag(s) you have decided are options using the drop down box feature of the search
    5) Go and try on the bag(s) you are considering so you can see if it(they) are truly for you

    The XL GST is still as boxy only bigger than the regular GST.
  3. What do you like? Are you a tote person, shoulder bag person, hands free? That's the first question you should ask yourself so you can know what to search for. There are so many styles for Chanel so it is hard to recommend something.

    After you decide what style suits you best, you can search for the style either through the reference library here or through the current collection at the stores so you can compare the prices.

    I have a GST and it is super boxy. I don't like to use it for that very reason. If you want a tote, you can look at the the Chanel 3 tote that is out right now.

  4. I like all of them, totes shoulder and hands free. I would like to eventually get one of each I just don't know where to start. I went to a boutique and they weren't helpful at all.
  5. In that case and assuming you will be going the new route via a boutique or dept store:

    1) med or jumbo flap as a shoulder bag
    2) the chanel 3 tote (or if you can find one, a reissue tote). the totes change very often and re more of a seasonal piece so i think if you want a tote, you should wait to see what comes out season to season so you can find the perfect tote for you.
    3) mini and/or woc for hands free
  6. Sometimes following the various threads here on tpf is quite helpful in ways one doesn't expect. Someone started a thread about this year's valentine bags and how the charms weren't so pleasing to them. Others chimed in with their opinions. Soon as I saw the inside of the bag, bells went off. Get some needle nose pliers, take off the charms, and viola! You have a medium classic single flap bag, at a huge savings off the regular price of the bag and you have it brand new. Classics never go on sale, so this was a great score for any who took this advice. So it's not always even in threads about the bag you are looking for that you find little gems of wisdom like this. So I'd advise you to start reading and following the board for a while, to help you narrow down the search. You do need to start with a budget in mind, though. Also, what works for you, but you've said small, large, bags, totes all work for you so sounds like it's budget and reading time. :smile:

  7. hi tutu!!! i got the same idea too for the valentine's flap! i do not like the charms at all. they feel cheap and like it'll break to me. i decided not to get it in the end since i wasn't feeling the shade of pink. i don't need another black flap so that was out of the question. if i did buy it though, the charms would def be coming off! do you have a pic of your valentine's flap with the charms off? i would love to see it!

    sorry OP for hijacking your thread =X
  8. I didn't buy the black medium bag, as I already have one, but I surely did share with others this idea if they didn't have one. It just made super financial sense to me. I bought the mini pink one. :smile:
  9. Oh I want to see your mini pink one! So you took the charms off the mini pink? Did you do a reveal?
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    I think Chanel looks best in flaps style . Just my two cents. I love all kid of flaps, but prefer the cc turnlock most. Even though I'm quite tall (5.7"), but I think m/l classic flap looks best. I would recommend u to try on m/l classic flap as for your first Chanel. You will fall in love with it and wanting more and more (like I am now lol). I think fuchsia color looks so beautiful. You can always get black later if you are certain this will not be your last Chanel. Black will always be there. Go for the color first.
  11. depends on your taste and budget, but I would start off with a classic flap or reissue (2.55) :smile:
  12. I didn't take the charms off that one yet (will let Chanel deal with it until the year is over) and didn't do a reveal on it...yet. It's part of the rainbow I'm amassing. :smile:
  13. I think a M/L is a good place to start if the OP decides she wants a classic flap.

  14. This one is a nice tote.. Not as heavy as the gst :smile: very lightweight ImageUploadedByPurseForum1394165711.343846.jpg
  15. And it's a stunning RED! Chanel makes the best reds, so do think about that as an option for your first bag, too, OP!