First Chanel - am I too paranoid?

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  1. I bought my first Chanel classic flap two weeks ago and I just noticed this on the leather of the chain.

    Can anyone tell me whether this is normal? It appears to be a crack in the leather, but I really can't be sure as this is my first Chanel purse... I may just be overly paranoid?

  2. Well, that definitely looks like a crack to me!
  3. I could be wrong but I think this is normal. The strap is not one continuous piece of leather. It is several pieces glued together. If you look along your entire strap, you should see a couple more of these ends.
  4. Good point. Is it a join or a split? From the angle, it looks like a crack but it could just be where one piece of leather ends and another begins. Also, what does the other side of it look like?
  5. In any case of doubt, bring in your Chanel to the boutique & ask the SA. Don't lose your beauty sleep over it until ypu have it confirmed.
  6. Thank you for your input thus far!

    The 'crack' goes all around the strap and I was getting worried that it may eventually snap! 😱

    However, I now do feel that it is most likely the joining of leather pieces as it's quite a clean 'crack' that goes consistently around the strap.

    I really appreciate all your help!
  7. ^^ Congrats on your first chanel :smile:
  8. This looks normal to me though! Mine is like this too
  9. Ummm... It looks fine my classics look like that...or am I not seeing the "crack" in the leather...?

  10. The 'crack' I was referring to is on the bottom chain pictured above, in the leather piece woven through the middle link..
  11. i have the same thing with time it was too thick and I couldnt pull the chain I returned it....but my classics are all that way...
  12. Still not seeing it...tho

  13. I think it's a joint, ask your SA to take a look to make sure.

  14. Like a few others have been saying, it is most likely the beginning and end of two leather pieces. Here's another photo for anyone else who has no idea what I'm going on about 😋


    Just in case anyone is confused, this is the beginning and the end of the leather strap through the chain - for comparison.


    Sorry to trouble everyone!
    I'm happy to accept that it's not a crack/fault. I don't think I will be visiting Chanel with this little misunderstanding! ☺️
  15. This is normal. Mine is like that also. Enjoy your bag!