First chanel advice

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  1. So I have decided to branch out from LV and get my first chanel. I'm pretty much set on a quilted caviar woc with shw. I'm on the waiting list for a black on (was told 6-8 months wait)... but I can't decide if maybe I should get the dark red one. I love red but feel the black may be more classic and versatile. Any inputs? TIA!
  2. I agree that a black WOC is a great choice for your first Chanel...and you could call around to not only Chanel boutiques but the department stores. I can't remember if the WOC is something that can be shipped! With that said I really love red and think it a great addition to any bag collection. If it were me, impatient me, I would get the red one.

  3. Yes, I had my WOC shipped from a department store.
  4. I'm on the waiting list at the boutique and at NM. The NM at the mall by me said they havent even gotten the black one w shw in a year. There's prob a waiting list for the red too :/ if only I could buy all the bags out there and didnt have to choose just one
  5. I'm normally a LV Girl, too and bought my first Chanel a few month ago: the Black quilted Caviar WOC with silver Hardware. I love this beautiful piece. I want the red one, too, but for the first piece I really wanted the black one. It is more versatile for me, my clothes and my needs. I hope that you will find one soon!
  6. my vote is for black, esp since it's your first Chanel. Regarding how/when you will get it. i would definitely call around if i were you. i remember when i was trying to get the black lambskin SHW WOC. heard rumors there was a waitlist everywhere and on a whim, decided to call the Chanel boutique in my hometown and was told they just got a shipment in bc there was a big convention going on and they expected sales to increase that weekend. i did not have to go on any waitlists and managed to get exactly what i wanted in a matter of 2 days!! there are other stories like this where very hard to get bags pop up randomly in many boutiques/dept stores with no waitlist required. GOOD LUCK!!
  7. I know how frustrating for such a long wait, but my advice is don't settle, It is worth the wait in my opinion. I did similar things and unfortunately i ended up selling when found my wish list and lost in my experience i leant waits is worth and you can diffidently get what you really love after the patient....Goodluck!
  8. Don't settle. Check the finds thread often. I know a lot of stores still have waiting lists for these, but they do seem to pop up very often through different members SA's.

    Good luck and have fun hunting your first Chanel!
  9. Thanks everyone! Will definitely wait to get the black one. Maybe later on down the road I can eventually get the the red one ... just have to convince the hubby why I need a second one! I'm loving the small o pouch too. And the card holder :/ I want it all!