(First)Cabazon Outlet reveal!!

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  1. This is my first YSL purchase. Saw it in the store and had to get it...never thought i would get this fashion house. more into Lv and Dior, but im now a YSL addict. btw what is this leather??? calf, Lambskin, goatskin?? im not to sure
  2. :smile:

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  3. Congrats! Such a nice card holder. Looks like lamb or calf skin to me. You got it at an outlet? Wow...What other items did you see at the outlet? So Happy for you!:smile:
  4. thank you!!! yeah i think its lamb.. it has a different feel than calf.:smile: yes i got it at the outlet in Cabazon, very nice store, and they have clothes, bags, wallets, mens items, and i think shoes!!!:biggrin:
  5. Oh cool. I want to check out the Woodbury Outlet in NY.:smile:
  6. yeah you should!! i always wanted to go to that mall!!
  7. Nice.

    Were there a lot of handbags at YSL Cabazon? I went on Labor Day to pick up a new Downtown handbag and everything was pretty bought out although I did get my Downtown. I hope that they have restocked.

    I've been shopping at that YSL boutique ever since they were located at the far west end of the shopping center. I've been shopping at Cabazon, in general, forever. I find good stuff there.
  8. The type of leather might be listed on one of the tags inside.
  9. yeahh i was looking but sadly said nothing!!
  10. yeah there was a decent amount when i went, but not to much handbags
  11. do you have outlet email? Thanks!
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