First Bow Satchel in Talco?

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  1. Hello my dearest Bow fans!

    Just wondering if I should get one of the most coveted IT bag in Talco color... any comments? :confused1:
  2. have you seen it irl? i have seen threads whereby other people who dont know this colour thought it looked dirty, as it is not pure white. but if you like it, go for it! :yes:
  3. thanks dustyfae! i would love to get other colors, like the mugetto or the allumino.. but they are no longer available and I do not like the new season bows :sad:

  4. mughetto or allumino will pop up at ebay once in awhile (if you are comfortable to buy from ebay, that is). actually, there is one talco bow on, you might want to have a look at it =)
    OR you could wait till next year where the spring collection comes up, if you can wait that long (i know i cant!!)