First Bbag: Need your help!

  1. Hi everyone! My first time posting in the bbag forum. I've been lurking for a while. I have been trying to learn about bbags before purchasing one. Well I guess I couldn't wait because I saw one and fell in love:love:. I decided to get a first. Please forgive me but I'm not sure of what the color is called. In all my excitement forgot to ask. :lol: Can one of you please tell me? The picture is bad. But it's more blue (it may look purple in the pic). Thanks!
  2. The photo is not the best, but I would guess Navy or Indigo, but the new Ocean is a darker blue too!

    I wish you well,

  3. Thanks. I know the picture is bad. Took it with a camera phone. I'll try to fix my digital camera and take a better pic. If it helps the information on the card says 2007 3 103209 D941T 203
  4. Here are some better pics
    IMGP1401.jpg IMGP1400.jpg
  5. It may be blueberry or mer fonce. Whatever it is, it's lovely! Check the letter on the silver plate and go to the reference thread -- best way to tell.
  6. I figured it out. It's ocean. Thanks to those who responded.
  7. Wow, it is ocean? I would have guessed blueberry.