First Balenciaga: Go for some color OR stick to black!

  1. or get both...LOL

    I do need some advice. BEAR W/ME...I'll try to be short! LOL Here's a bit about me and what I want:

    Have one speedy LV. Have carried it every day for a year. I'm not into switching bags a lot, so what I get needs to go w/everything casual/everyday.

    Want a CITY.
    Ultimately, want a black, white and a color...because that's one of the things that seperates Bbags from others, imo, is the delicious colors.

    I feel like my LV is a neutral, so I don't want a city that's earth tone...greens, greys, tans, etc.

    I will wear my bbag every day for months...that's just how I am. So, I want a color that will go w/everything. I thought a BLue or Purple shade would be ideal. Those go w/jeans and basically any color. (right?)

    Here's my dilemma...if I get a dark blue or purple, is the black going to be too close in color?
    I could just get the black (which is hot!:smile:), but I feel like I'm defeating one of the purposes of owning a bbag...the color.

    Should I get black city as my first, then decide on a color later...or get a blue/purple city and see if I don't even need a black (right).

    THANKS so much and I'm sorry this is so fragmented.

    I would love to hear from a bunch of you! more thing...I like the distressed and somewhat veiny leather...not silky smooth...but I don't want thin leather. (I've not stolen my kids' bday money and taken change from the couch to have thin leather!) Joke...I've really not found any change in the couch....:upsidedown:
  2. LOL!

    I think that a black bbag is essential, it's the color that makes the most of the rocker style of the bags.
    I'm not too crazy about white as it would show lots of wear if you plan to wear it often, so I'd suggest two colors, a medium blue that's versatile, and then something fun like green/red/pink/whatever.
    Hope this helps! :smile:
  3. BOTH is always the best option if you can afford it!

  4. ^^ ditto!!!
  5. I completely understand -- I had the same problem when shopping for my first B bag in October (and, unfortunately, couldn't get both). In the end, I chose Violet with SGH and have found that it works with almost everything. I actually love the fact that it's not black -- think that makes it even more interesting. B bags are great -- you can't go wrong, you'll be happy with whatever you get!! :yes:
  6. IMO nobody does Blue like many variations and each one is unique and beautiful. Black is beautiful too...especially if you get one richly saturated.....and like danae gives it that rocker chic edge. Whatever you pick for your first won't be your last, so there is no wrong answer. Can't wait to see what you choose.... :supacool:
  7. Thank you for all the responses!

    What do you all think about light blue, etc.?

    Do the lighter discolor and/or since I'll wear it a lot, is that an unwise choice?

    "if I can afford both"...well....:nuts:couldn't afford both now. Can I afford one?:rolleyes: Okay, so maybe I do steal change from the cushions. It's a saving up process. I just know that I've been in love with balenciaga bags for a long time AND I've never seen or felt one irl!:wtf: I'm pretty sure I'll end up with more than one. Sweet!
  8. I think every Bal woman needs a black Bal in her collection.


    One with color!
  9. ^^^Contessa...that's not helping! LOL

    What about a light blue? Wearable daily???
  10. mshel, i am having the same issue deciding if i want to get my first bbag in black or red..hahaha i like colors but i like black too..not sure which should be my first city or work or parttime hahaha

    like this light blue?

    anyone know what color that is?
  11. My first bbag was a bright red city that I carried every day for awhile. It is beat up, soft, and still gets attention whenever I carry it. My second one was a black city that I don't carry as often. I go for the colors just because they are fun, original, and get lots of attention. I don't have any light colors because I am hard on my bags and don't like to worry about getting them dirty or ruining them. I personally would steer away from a light colored bag for everyday use. Also, since you don't want thin leather, you may prefer the bags with the GH. They are more expensive, but heavier and sturdier from what I can tell. Good luck. I was in the same dilemna, since they are an investment and don't come cheap.
  12. just get both!!!:yahoo:

    honestly though i would get a black at first because you'll get to know if you love the style and shape and its so much more diverse and can be worn with any outfit where as the colours you have less choices if you LOVE the black one then start investing in some colours
  13. If this is a bag you are going to carry a great deal, then stick with the darker colours. The lighter ones are beautiful, like ice blue, but they can get dingy looking pretty quickly and some of them, especially the lighter blues (sky and ice) turn yellow from exposure to the UV in the sun. This doesn't even touch on the darkened handles issue. With the darker colours you don't have to worry about dirt showing on it (or at least, far less so then a lighter one!), or the handles looking gross after a while. Violet is such a beautiful colour and is different from black, but still dark enough to be super useful and versatile!

    Please post what you do get, we love eye candy! : )

    I wish you well,

  14. I started with the Cornflower Blue (First).
    I loved the way it looks with jeans and so many other things.
    Then I went on to get the Bordeaux Twiggy.
    I've been trying to find the perfect 'red' bag forever.
    NOW....I want a Black City. :sweatdrop:

    Anyway, here's the Cornflower Blue with my fabulous model. :graucho:
  15. Lightblue is wearable, but you'll get more "wear" and mileage out of black.