First B Bag and question...

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  1. #1 Feb 9, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2010
    OMG, I got my FIRST Balenciaga bag as an early V Day present!!! It's the covered giant city bag in a cream color ( the SA told DH it was the 2010 color) and I LOVE it! I initially wanted red or brown but I think this one is best for me.

    My question is DH got it from the SCP Balenciaga store and the covered hardware has a lot of rubbing already! Almost half of them are like the picture. And there was no cover over the mirror, is that normal? It kinda seems like a returned bag, but I'm not sure. Any information would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks, I'm so excited!!!:yahoo:

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  2. #2 Feb 9, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2010
    Congrats on your first Bal! What a sweet DH :heart:

    The hardware rubbing is a bit odd, maybe the bag was a store display? But CH is really sensitive so the rubbing may just be from transit? Hopefully others can chime in.
  3. I have used my Covered Hardware Pom daily for abt 2/3 mths and none of the hardware looks even close to that.

    But it is a really sweet gift :smile: Maybe you should exchange it for another piece?
  4. Thanks for the advice guys, I think I'm going to call the store sometime today.
  5. shouldn't be that way if you've just got the store! Maybe someone used it beforehand...
  6. OOOO looks like... sahara?? Pretty! I am not sure about the covered hardware though, I only have GSH, sorry!

    But, b-e-a-utiful Bal! I hope you can exchange it!!
  7. Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!!

    I went back to the store and switched it for the same bag with A LOT less rubbing, but still with some. I LOVE the bag so much, I don't care and can't help but look at it all the time!

    NYC, yes it is sahara...and it's the perfect shade of cream/khacki for me!

    Thanks everyone for your advice and compliments!
  8. What a great V day gift ! And such a nice colour !

    Enjoy it !
  9. Many congrats on your first Bbag. What a fabulous gift from your DH.
    And I'm glad you got one in better condition.
    Now, enjoy it ;)
  10. What an incredible Valentine's Day present! GO DH! I'd love to see some modeling shots :smile:
  11. I love this bag too. In fact I just sent away for it from the Balenciaga store at SCP. I am now worried that they are going to send me the bag that you returned. When I called yesterday they said that they only had 1 so now I am afraid. I am glad that I saw your post though. I emailed my SA Steve right away and sent your pics. I told him what you said and that you had returned the bag and asked him if this was the bag that he was going to send me. I told him if it was not to bother. You were right to return that bag for what they cost they should at least start out pristine.
  12. ^ Meg, it probably is the bag I returned. I would definitely wait until more comes in. I actually would have waited myself, but loved the bag so much I just wanted to leave with it.
  13. Wow, your DH hit a home run! CONGRATS! Glad you were able to switch your bag out for another. And what a small world huh that megt10 might be getting that exact bag.
  14. I sent Steve the email and am waiting to hear from him. I am pretty sure that yes it is the same bag. I have already paid for it but hopefully it hasn't been shipped yet. UGH! Does anyone know what they do in an instance like this? I agreed to store credit in case of a return but if you are sent a damaged bag and they don't have another to replace it will they credit my cc? I am so disappointed. I only buy 1 bbag a year ( I try not to have duplicates of the same bag no matter how much I love them)and this was going to be it my 1 and only city. Now I am afraid I am going to have to order it from the website and spend another 1795.00 to get the bag I want.

    Yes it is a small world.
  15. Update, they were going to send me USCgerl's returned bag. I was able to stop Steve my SA before it was sent out. He told me that they had another bag that had been on hold for someone and he would switch it out since they hadn't returned. He said the hardware looked better but was also scuffed a bit. I told him I was sorry that wasn't good enough and for the price of the bag it should be pristine when I get it at least. So he is going to find me another bag without issues. I am sad that it won't be here for my birthday but glad he didn't send the bag because I am sure that I would have loved it and not wanted to let it go. So more waiting. Thanks USCgerl for posting. Your husband got you an awesome present and you saved me from major dissapointment. The Purse Forum rocks!