Fired For Gossiping

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  1. hmpf... I dunno.. although it IS wrong... if gossiping was wrong, Id be fired from every single job Ive ever had...
  2. Don't we all gossip at some time or another ?
  3. I'd like to hear the whole story.
  4. I don't think they should have been fired... the gossiping didn't have anything to do with job performance. It's not like they were spreading around rumors, but just talking amongst themselves?
  5. hmmm...I dont think it's really anything to get fired for. Not doing your job correctly or always being a bag employee is a reason. Not gossiping in IMHO.
  6. we probably do but if you gossip you wanna do it smartly - not that your boss will found out, duh. it is more the stupidity of getting caught that got them fired IMO.

    incidentally, we don't know the gossip so impossible to say anything. maybe they gossiped the office had an affair or stuff like that, anyway potentially harmful things. if it is over something ridiculous it is unnecessary of course.
  7. ^ well apparently someone found out, otherwise they wouldn't have gotten fired, right? I just think that if it is a serious rumor,yes, it could get you fired. certain things you shouldn't be saying (like someone is stealing) bec without evidence it is illegal.
  8. Wow. Unless I read the article wrong, they were gossiping OUTSIDE of work. If they had been at work, using city equipment (like computers and email system) to spread the gossip, that might be one thing... although I would think it would merit a talking to, not a firing.

    But gossiping outside of work? They should contest it! Good for them!
  9. Ugh, my work place is a cess pool of gossip and rumors. I pride myself in the fact that I don't take part in any of it. I knew about it when I came to work here though, since I work with people i've known for a few years and know they LOVE to gossip.

    I think work gossip does nothing but create problems, and with things like myspace and online blogs, nothing is sacred anymore! Internet saavy employers in no time can find your blog and most likely see through the clever nicknames you give fellow employees in your online blogs...

    I've heard of a girl not getting a job because the employer searched myspace first, and found the potential employees myspace complete with pictures of her half naked and drunk.
  10. a lot of gossip at every workplace and work people gathering...maybe this was the wrong people wrong time etc etc

  11. I wouldn't want to work for any employer that does stuff like that.
  12. Yes everyone gossips but it can cause untold damage to someones reputation if the allegations are false.
    However, here one cannot be fired without a proper procedure otherwise the employee can take action for unfair dismissal. If law is similar to here then they should have had verbal warning, then formal verbal warning with union rep present, then written warning, only then can they be dismissed of they continue to break the rules. These women will probably have a strong case for compensation.
  13. I think its petty. If the women were being TOO chatty then they should have been reprimanded. You know, a little talk in the boss' office & MOVE ON.

    They were on their lunch break & its just GOSSIP about a possible work romance. WHO CARES? Get over it. I think its ludicrous & I think they have a very good fighting chance if they decide to sue.
  14. They were gossiping OUTSIDE of work. Unless the employer has some clause in regards to company representation/expectations while off the clock, I dont see how they can do that.