Fire at Louis Vuitton Sydney Store

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  1. There was a fire at the LV Castlereagh Street store in Sydney today.

    My BIL works across the road & saw the fire brigade attend & said it was definitely on fire.

    I tried to call the store today to ask about the new Empreinte collection & there was no answer too. I hope it wasn't too bad & they didn't lose any stock, considering there is already a stock shortage.

  2. Oh no! My purse is there getting heat stamped! Hope she's ok!!:wtf:
  3. Oh no. I hope it's ok. He sent me a photo to my phone but I am a complete dummy & don't know how to upload. But there were no flames coming out of the building. I haven't seen the news, so don't know if it was on there.
  4. I just googled it and nothing came up about it. I'm worried now!
  5. :tdown: hope it wasn't too serious...
  6. Wow fire?! What could've caused it? Hope all the people and bags are ok :smile:
  7. I wonder how the fire started.
  8. i love that store, it's the only one i've bought from :sad:
  9. Any more info??
  10. No more news, but I might call tomorrow. From the photo there was no damage to the outside of the building, so hopefully it was something small that they caught early.

  11. ^^I hope so too!
  12. I hope everyone and everything is ok
  13. Hope the staff and customers are okay!!
  14. Good lord! I hope it wasn't major, or just something somewhere else in the building. Imagine if ALLLL that stock got smoke and/or water damage! How awful too for the staff there and anyone else on site - if it were a full on inferno though surely it would have hit the news by now. What with the ram-raids [I think that was Castlereagh?] and now this, the Sydney store is having a rough year! :Push:

    Leesie let us know about your bag as soon as you have her back or hear anything! Surely they'd replace her for you though if there is an issue.

    I'm about to purchase my Icare from the Rocks store over the phone, so am relieved it's not that one as mine is the last of that bag in the country! [ I'm told, lol..]

  15. Perhaps that's how it started...the person heat stamping your purse had to pop to the loo in the middle of it and your whole purse caught alight!? :nuts: