Finish this sentence: "With all the Koobas I have,"

  1. Why do I STILL want a red Elisha????? :nuts:

    How would you finish this sentence???
  2. Because the color/leather is stunning and the bag style is so gorgeous!
  3. Or ... it's still not enough!
  4. and have had, I think I need a therapist! But that wouldn't stop me from wanting more, and buying more.......
  5. ...I still want more!
  6. ...I'm just getting started!!
  7. With all the Koobas I have....

    I have more leather and studs than a Harley Convention.
  8. ....I feel so complete...yet so incomplete...."
  9. :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  10. With all the Koobas I have....

    I'm still buying more so I can figure out which one I like best.
  11. With all the Koobas I have . . .

    there is still just enough room left in my closet for one more!
  12. I could (almost) open a Kooba store!
  13. I need more in a different color than black!
  14. With all the Koobas I have.....

    I could make this leather catsuit. *s