Fingers crossed

  1. Well my in laws have been traveling abroad for about a month and heading to France for the last 2 weeks, I was so excited when they called this morning to check in and say hi....

    I was excited because of Katy C's thread about the Paris and Lyon stores...especially since they are staying at the George V!!:yes:

    So keep your fingers crossed for me and send all those good luck vibes!

    What I told her

    Because I already have 2) 40's, i would really like smaller this time. 30 if possible, but 35 would work. Red would be great, rouge h or vermillion. No blue jean, brown or black, except if they got lucky enough to find a croc...then I would take anything!!!

    I've mentioned it before, I tease my DH, 1 a year that's all I ask! And he always rolls his eyes....but between the in laws in Paris and DH going to Hong Kong in Oct, I think things are looking up for this year. ;)
  2. My MIL would rather have paper-cuts all over her face than buy an Hermes Bag for me - LOL!!....she was absolutely devestated when I received a lerger engagement diamond than her (so she went and had hers upgraded - can you believe it?!?!?):lol:
  3. ^LOL..reminds me of a friend whos dad always competes electronic gagets. He always buys a nicer model after his son gets his new toy!

  4. Oh Lordy, just cracked me up and that's hard to do tonight since DD was a royal pain in the fanny! (something about "How come I have a curfew and none of my friends do!" kinda thing....:rant: ) I'm not even sure my MIL would KNOW Hermes no less actually break out her wallet to BUY me something!
  5. I'm sure they'll be able to locate one of you.. getting lucky in Paris is easy!! hopefully u'll get your red birkin soon :smile:

    Talking about MILs.. well my MIL was in Paris when i got my caramel Kelly.. once she heard it.. she called me and said "oh i was passing by the boutique and i fell in love with a caramel Kelly, whats size is urs.. cause i'm looking at 35cm now" i told her.. mine is 32cm.. then few hours later she sent me MMS with her new 32cm caramel kelly lol

    Well.. lucky for me.. i was able to trade my kelly with a birkin!! although she doesn't know that i got rid of my Kelly yet :P

    However, i have to be honest, she always gets me nice stuff every time she travels.. limited edition bags of bottega veneta, LV, Chanel.. sometimes Bulgari jewelry.. BUT ofcourse, she would get the exact same thing for her first lol
  6. Talk about monster-in-law!

    I must admit I am so lucky, I get along with my MIL better than my own mother at times!

    She can be funny though...she won't bat an eye at buying an Hermes, or outrageous things for the kids, but one time I caught her cutting spouts from potatoes...I said, "oh, those are bad, let me run to the store and pick up some more for you" She looked at me in horror, "But potatoes are so expensive!":wtf: :roflmfao: :wtf:
  7. Sending good vibes over to you.. I'm sure you can score a 30 or a 35 easily in Paris.
  8. Crossing fingers for you!!! Now Paris is somewhere I need to go, esp for H!
  9. now THAT'S funny!!:lol:
  10. That is so great that your in-laws will look for a new addition to your collection! I'm sure they/you will get lucky! :yes: A 30 rouge h would be a lovely addition to your collection!
  11. I hope they find the Birkin for you!!!