Finding a true Chanel Red Flap is proving such a challenge

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    As of late I’ve been really really wanting a red Chanel Flap in medium size in silver hardware. I’m actually Borderline obsessed with finding one at this point. I think I would prefer lambskin but at this point I’m ok with caviar too. I don’t live near a Chanel store but the ones my SA sent photos of from this season are not true red... appear to have a coral tone.

    I very recently decided to try the preloved route and thought I had found a winner on Yoogies Closet but when it arrived, (a 15 series) it definitely was not true red... it had orange undertones. I tried to make myself like and accept it but at almost 4 K For that preowned bag, I could not, So I am returning it.

    Sensing my disappointment, my husband (bless him) even said “Just get a new one from the boutique” If only it were that simple...

    Chanel reds can be deceiving in photos depending on the lighting and can APPEAR true red when they are not.
    So...What series should I search for to obtain the truest red?
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  2. Try 12A red ( series 17, year 2012 or 2013) or 17B red. If you have instagram, search #chaneltruered. Not many pictures, but you will see the reds I have mentioned, and comparison photos too. All the best!
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  3. I want to know as well. I’m glad you started this thread. I haven’t been in Chanel long enough I don’t know which season has true red. I also mislead by photo a few times. Almost buy a preloved red that was actually red cherry, closer to pink. The official color is dark pink and starts with #20. Can someone advice does #19 series is true red? TIA
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  5. I was in your shoes too .wanted a red without orange tones or the bright postbox red .I found the right one in 12a .Yes 17 b is also a nice red .This is my caviar 12 a.Hope you find yours soon

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  6. Lovely color!! Great thank you all! I will keep that in mind 12A and/or 17B.
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  7. It’s very much a personal decision and never a truer word as beauty is in the eye of the beholder. From you not liking the orange undertones of a 15 series look at 14C which is a bright red. I know that personally I prefer a red with blue undertones so searched for a 17B and also got a 12A both of which I love. If I’ve done this properly this thread is invaluable... good luck!
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  8. Thanks for sharing that prior post/thread. It has helped me so much! I will renew my red bag search efforts and THIS time I will be “armed” with more knowledge regarding the exact red I am seeking!
  9. When I got into this forum in 2007 I would see so many people post their red flaps and I did get a tiny little red flap but I ended up selling years and years ago. It was my dream to get a red medium classic flap vintage bag with gold hardware. I knew it was impossible, I even left TPF for about 10 years, came back and started to collect again and one day checking FP bam! I see exactly what I dream of just randomly looking at bags! I cant believe I now have a bag I dreamed of. I think its possible to find yours! GOOD LUCK!
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  10. I do have a true red maxi (single flap caviar). You have to look for hologram # starting 13x made in 2009/2010. Hope you are able to find the right red for you!
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  11. Good luck on your search for a true red. Everyone’s perception of a true red varies.

    Both the 12A and 17B caught my eyes, however I ended up with the 17B!

  12. I am baffled by the term true red. There are cool reds and warm reds but they are all red.
    I recall when the ‘05 red was available and how coveted it was, so much so that a SA’ in NYC Chanel said it was the best red Chanel produced. I happen to agree and funny thing is years later HERMES came out with geranium which is the kissing cousin of Chanel’s ‘05 red.
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  13. Update! I think I MAY have found a very suitable red Chanel flap. I went with a jumbo instead of a medium and she’s a single flap (I’ve never had one of those) Its a 13 series and looks to be a dark crimson red. It should be here in a few days. It looks great in the pictures. I will post her upon arrival.
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  14. In my understanding a true red won't have visible undertones. In many reds you can see the pink, purple or orange undertones quite clearly, but true reds seem to have a perfect mixture of colors (often a hint of blue) so that when viewed in front of you there is no undertone. I think when people say true red they want no visible undertone. I've owned many Chanel reds and they only look red until held against a true red, in which case they look lighter or darker. I'd agree that 12A is as close to a true red as Chanel has been. I have a 14C and against the 12A my red looks strawberry.
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