Finally visited 31 Rue Cambon!

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  1. I'm so excited, after collecting Chanel for 5 years I finally went to Rue Cambon! It was amazing to really see the roots of my favourite designer. Had the loveliest SA there who let me visit those famous stairs, and she took her time to tell us about the history (especially my husband had no idea ). And of course I had to make a purchase there as the crown on my Chanel collection, complete with the white box and bag. Revealing... My new Boy chevron WOC! Thanks for letting me share


  2. Congratulations!!! It is so fun to be there and you got the perfect bag!!
  3. Congrats Gorgeous ♡ The style and color is Beautiful!
  4. Congrats on your beautiful WOC and your fabulous trip to RC!
  5. Congrats Helen! Another cutie to add to your collection of Chanel lovelies!

  6. Thanks hun! Yes this is a cutie indeed, fitting right into the collection

    Thank you! Definitely my most favourite Chanel shopping experience to date

    Thanks so much!

    Thank you! Yes it was so much fun!
  7. Your woc is so pretty!! Congrats!
  8. How exciting!! Such a pretty woc!
  9. Congratulations on your first time there and what a beautiful woc to always remind you of your visit!
  10. Lovely woc! Congrats!

  11. Thank you!

    Thanks dear! Yes it's sweet bag for a sweet visit

    Thanks so much!

    Thank you!
  12. Beautiful!! Congrats!!
  13. What an awesome experience!!! Congrats & Enjoy :smile:
  14. Beautiful color! Love the chevron!
  15. Great purchase! And lovely photo on the stairs. I visited the boutique with my boyfriend last year, and he was very amused at how awestruck I was seeing those stairs