Finally took pictures of my collection...

  1. You'll notice with each picture my dachshund tried to get in the shot. She succeeded in getting was just too cute not to.

    The 1st shot she got her nose in (bottom right corner)!
    DSC04554.JPG DSC04555.JPG DSC04556.JPG DSC04557.JPG DSC04559.JPG
  2. Few more...
    DSC04560.JPG DSC04563.JPG DSC04566.JPG DSC04567.JPG DSC04568.JPG
  3. I love your collection and your dog! So cute!
  4. Your dog is adorable! (so is the little coin purse... I want!)
  5. love your collection! keep up the good work!
  6. Thanks! I got the coin purse at the outlet a week and a half ago for $39.
  7. VERY nice collection! This one is my favorite!

    I just love dogs!
  8. Lovely collection! We have the same phone!! :yes:

    I love the hobo in the last pic (with the white). I have the brown leather version (or one similiar), it was my first Coach. When I got it, I had wanted one with white, but it wasn't out yet, and the SA who helped me (not the SA I have now) was not sure if it was coming. I would have waited if I had known.
  9. Love your collection! You dog is adorable!!
  10. Lovely.
  11. Thanks! The white one I actually got on our honeymoon in Hawaii. We stayed on Waikiki beach and as we were walking down the main stretch there was a big Coach store and I couldn't resist...I got all excited and was jumping up and down. My hubby said I could get something for $400 or less, so I got the hobo and the wallet. I wore it the whole rest of the honeymoon. I couldn't find it anywhere when I got back home..but, i've seen some ppl on PF that have posted pics with, I don't know. I love it too though. :love:
  12. your dog and collection have stolen my heart!:love:
  13. your collection is beautiful...even your pup has good taste to want to be pictured with your bags
  14. Seriously ... I looooove your collection. But I'm not gonna lie ... I love your dog even more. I have a dachshund mixed with lab, so she's bigger than a traditional dachshund. Love your doggie!
  15. your legacy leather looks delcious! however I'm more infatuated with your darling dog