Finally scored a Red Elisha!

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  1. I finally scored my first authentic kooba from a certain person ;) I've been wanting a Kooba for what seems like ages and anytime I've asked about authenticity it's always been fake and I've been doubting if I'd ever even get one.

    She sent me a million pics of the beautiful bag. It's pretty much new condition. All in all I scored it for 310 with shipping! :yahoo: Can't wait to get it. It's such a beautiful red! This bag will finally satisfy my niche for a red bag. This is such a perfect red to me and will need no other red bag after this comes.

    Just wanted to share my excitement! :smile:
  2. You go girl!!! I know you'll love it! We want pics when it arrives!
  3. Congrats! It's amazing bag. I stupidly let my red Elisha go last year; still kicking myself.
  4. YAY! congrats on ur Elisha! SO jealous!:love:
  5. Shop Victoriously!!!!!!!!
  6. Thanks! I'll def post pics when I get it :love:
  7. Thats the hottest bag ever......~! You lucky thing! Post piccies! Enjoy wearing it....
  8. Elisha is the best Kooba ever...and red is the sexiest color ever!!
    Congrats and enjoy!!
  9. You are SOO lucky!! :drool: I have been cleaning out my closet and selling some bags on eBay to get ready to get some more. The red Elisha is on my list !!
  10. :yahoo::ninja: hehe
  11. congrats! I have the Devin in red and I love love LOVE the color AND the leather! I'm sure you'll adore it!
  12. Congrats!!!! Now you make me want to get mine out again! Enjoy!
  13. Definitely a winner! Soft, deep yet muted red, and still smells like leather. I'll wear it for the first time tomorrow. I'll try to post pics tomorrow since I need someone to take a picture. :love: This will definitely be my last red bag for quite awhile.
  14. So do you adore elisha!? :smile: :happydance:?
  15. Congrats! That is one beautiful bag.