finally..PICS of AbuDhabi Deal and the ContactDetails!!

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  1. HI everyone..
    Sorry that it took so long but I had a severe case of food poisoning which made my travel back really exhausting..
    SO the shop in AbuDhabi is called :
    PO Box 27538, Marina Mall, Abu Dhabi, UAE
    T.P: 02 6818667 Fax: 02 6818663

    they had several brown, black ,white,marine gh bags(PartTime,City,Work..)
    some Vert gazon and french blue rh
    RougeVif Weekender

    AND 40% of a sapin first, ink twiggy ..dunno what else

    And now finally some Pics of my brand new Twiggy which I decorated with my LV DiscoBall!
  2. Wow! It (and you) looks great - I love the disco ball keychain too! Hope you're feeling better now - food poisoning is rough.
  3. thanks so much englishgirl!i just love the bag so much.. i was pure luck that i found her:heart:
  4. Love your twiggy! Is it natural or greige?
  5. thanks gwen ..its greige..:yes:
  6. it looks great on you. the mini first is so cute!!
  7. Fabulous! Looks great on you and is the perfect addition to your collection. I love your choice of colors!
  8. it looks perfect on you~!!!! very nice~ congrats!!!!!!!
  9. aw thanks girls..
    i had such a hard time deciding between ink and greige..
    ink IS stunning but I just LOVE the grey :yahoo:
    the SA's were super nice..
    they said they can get almost every style and colour for you:nuts:
  10. cute!
  11. you look so stunning with your gorgeous bag. enjoy her.
  12. Thank so much girls! I love her to be moving to ny with me :nuts:
  13. Gorgeous bag... congrats!! You look smashing wearing it!!
  14. Hope u are feelin better now....however, love ur new bags....they are awesome....thanks for posting the pics here and enjoy~~~~
  15. :yahoo: Congratulations:yahoo:

    Your greige is gorgeous and you look gorgeous with it!

    Sorry to hear about the food poisoning:yucky: Hope you are feeling better!:yes: