FINALLY!! My Violet Twiggy + matching gift

  1. My wait is over, I didn't think I was going to be able to get my hands on one (after the first one was flawed and false word of there being no more) but I finally got my violet Twiggy and violet is even more gorgeous than I had imagined. I can't get over the leather, it's highly distressed but not veiny at all, just super wrinkly, nothing like my other smoother bbags. I hope it breaks in well.

    I also finally realized that purple is my favorite color (my living room and birthstone are purple, don't know why it took me so long to realize this!). It matches so much of my wardrobe and what it doesn't match directly it still looks's impossible to make a bad match with violet!

    And my sweet husband did the cutest thing. He gave me a gift (bracelet, see below) for a special occasion and when I opened it he said it's to match my new purple cute is that??? And it matches perfectly, he did so well!

    OK, without further adieu (no strip tease this time) here it is:




  2. The bracelet:


    CIMG6700.JPG CIMG6702.JPG
  3. Yummy!! :drool: It still hurts that I didn't managed to find one of these...CONGRATS on your beauty!! Your hubby is very cute for getting you a matching gift!
  4. I love it! my fave color too ... isn't it sumptious?

    congrats ... and love the bracelet too!
  5. Congrats Bal!!!!!!!! That is beautiful!!! :drool::drool::love: Purple is my favorite color too and it's my bithstone too!!! I agree~ the violet matches with so much!!! Love your bracelet!!!!!!!:heart:
  6. So envious of you! First of all, your violet twiggy is BEAUUUUUTIFUL..

    I've a violet step myself but I've to say a twiggy is looking very very good in that color!

    And secondly, so cool to have a husband like that! Lucky gal! I'm happy for you!
  7. :yahoo: Finally! Your Twiggy looks just like mine in leather... it does break in really nicely. And your husband is so sweet - the bracelet is just gorgeous!
  8. It's a beautiful color! Congrats!
  9. OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH both are sooo pretty!! LOVE your twiggy and your DH was super cute to do that! Congrats on both!
  10. The leather is TDF!!! Congrats!!! The bracelet is really cute too! You're a lucky girl!!!
  11. how cute!!

    love the violet twiggy! hmmmm! :love:
  12. Thank you everyone, I'm so glad I could join in the violet fun with the rest of you! And yes, I'm really lucky to have such a thoughtful husband, though this was a total surprise - that he actually notices my bags!
  13. Congratulations! The leather on your twiggy is just delicious. It will break in GORGEOUS-ly! I am so in love with violet and leather like this puts me over the top..:drool:

    I have to say, overall the leather this season is very beautiful.
  14. [​IMG]

    :nuts: That is CRAZY gorgeous!!! I'm in the minority here...never have been a big fan of purple until NOW after seeing all these gorgeous Violet bags. :girlsigh: Love the bracelet too...what a sweetie he is! Enjoy them both!
  15. Oh ya, you made me laugh.... I think I just realized purple is my fav color too. Or at least it better be since I have now bought every violet item Bal has made..:p

    I love your bracelet, it's beautiful, loooove amethyst.