FINALLY - My first Paddy

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  1. Great colour and size! It looks beautiful, and I love the baby paddies :heart:

    Have you had a chance to take her out yet?
  2. Not yet qwerty, I've just been catching up with housework and washing so far. I suppose I could carry her while I am vaccuuming, ha ha.:yes:
  3. lol....
  4. haha, that would be a funny idea for a modelling pic! Designer bags and vaccuming!:roflmfao:

  5. Maybe I'll oblige with that photo if I could get my backside away from the pc. :yahoo:
  6. go on pull your self a way for 5mins!!!
  7. haha, yes, these silly machines have a habit of distracting me too! Makes study a nightmare! :sweatdrop:
  8. On second thought I think I'll stay. My kids give me peace when I am sitting her as they think I am studying or working. As soon as I stand up then jump on me like flies.
  9. very cute!
  10. Most of you will know that this was an impulse buy and I was going to let this one go.

    well, can you believe EBAY HAVE REMOVED IT - TRADEMARK INFRINGEMENT - I can't believe it. Why remove a bag with clear photos showing it's authentic and leave some of those nasty fakes sucks
  11. i hate ebay they are rubbish they remove all the authentic bags and leave most of the fakes!
    this used to happen to me so i just dont bother with ebay now!
  12. Yeah I don't know if I have worded something wrongly or if someone has complained or what! It's so unfair.
  13. they are cracking down, have you noticed theres like two pages of chloes now when there was 5 or more!

    they just dont know what they are doing!!!
  14. Well I have relisted it now so will see what happens this time.
  15. I think that they are imposing military rule for the bank holiday weekend shopping. Very few new bags are appearing on the listings at all.