1. holaaaaaaa!!!! after 20 days of agonizing over whether or not i would ever see my girls again, here they are!!! untouched and un-dutified by customs (thank god!), they are now home safely in my arms. as mentioned in my other post, the gold togo was purchased for my SIL. during our travels, she sorta changed her mind about the bag and asked to give her some time to rethink it. so because i charged her bag on my amex as well, IT BELONGS TO ME until she changes her mind and pays me back!!! muhahahaha perhaps i did end up scoring 2 birkins as i had wished for prior to this trip!!

    so without further ado, may i present to you:

    -miss 35cm chocolate box birkin PH with potiron piping and chevre mysore lining

    -miss 35cm gold togo birkin GH
    chocbirkin1.jpg chocbirkin2.jpg chocbirkin3.jpg
  2. with flash....
    chocbirkin5.jpg chocbirkin6.jpg chocbirkin4.jpg
  3. more....
    goldbirkin2.jpg goldbirkin1.jpg
  4. OMG! CONGRATULATIONS! between your gorgeous Birkin and all the other exciting posts around here, I'm about ready to pass out from all the excitement. PBC---this is such an amazing bag! I am so happy it arrived safely! Absolutely stunning! Modeling pix please!
  5. OMG, beyond beautiful.... **fainting on the floor** I :love: Choco. Box!!
  6. group pics...
    familybirkins1.jpg familybirkins2.jpg
  7. what an interesting turn things will take if she ultimately decides to pass on the bag (she'd be a fool! but lucky you!!!).
    those are beautiful color, leather combinations. gorgeous. enjoy.
  8. :nuts: i wanna EAT that choco box!
  9. oh, forgot to say congrats on everything arriving safely!!!
  10. Wow, just beautiful, congratulations!:yahoo: :love: :P
  11. PBC, what gorgeous bags! i love the box with the potiron piping, i secretly wish your SIL changes her mind so you get to keep the bag! WAAAAHHHH!

    are you able to sleep now??? LOL
  12. Love everything.
  13. Gorgeous!!!:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  14. thank u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!! i'm hugging the chocolate birkin right now!!! INSANE!!! i just can't let her go!!!! hubby and the dogs will have to share the bed with her tonite!
  15. Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous!!! Wanna take a bite out of it!!! *crunch* Congrats!!!:yahoo::yahoo: I can't wait to see this beautiful baby in person!!! :love::love::love::nuts: