Finally! Mini Bowling Pictures...

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  1. Sorry took me so long, school's started so I am only checking in on the weekends.

    Here is my mini bowling. At first I did not like the extra smooth and thick leather, but it has grown on me. I definitely love the style, it's so functional! Kudos to Daphne!

    Thanks for everything girls :smile:
    Black bowler 1.jpg Black bower 2.jpg
  2. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing your photos. The mini-bowling is such a great but underrated style.
  3. Lovely! And it looks very chic with your hair. Tres chic!
  4. I really love that bag. An adorable style. She looks perfect to hold alot of stuff and still be great for going out at night. I know you'll enjoy her.
  5. Your bag looks great, love the charms too :yes:
  6. Congrats!
    The Mini Bowling is one of my FAB styles.
    Definitely, it looks really great on you.
    Thanks for sharing.
  7. oo i love it Tara...!!!

    it's quite big, i thought it was smaller!!!!..

    looks AWESOME on ya~
  8. LOVE IT! I want one!
  9. I think the leather looks amazing! Great choice!
  10. wow, that's gorgeous girl, welcome to the mini-bowler club!!! :yahoo:
  11. thanks aaa!!!!! whoo hooo!!!!!
  12. wow...gorgeous!!!
    the leather looks really YUM!
  13. LOVE the leather! But if thats a MINI bowling, exactly how big is the regular bowling?
  14. It's beautiful. Congratulations. It's so much bigger than I thought!
  15. hey donna!!!! yeah i bet i can fit myself into a in a regular bowling. I'm only about 5' though.... so i bet that makes the mini look a little bigger than most think....