FINALLY loving my speedy 30!

  1. In February I bought a beautiful used speedy 30. From that day, it sat in my closet. I brought it out occasionally, tried it on, decided it was too big and then put it back. I thought about selling it, but couldn't do it. I have a 25, which was great for nights out, but too small for day to day.

    Now, finally, I'm loving my speedy 30. The turning point was getting the right structure for me. With a cardboard bottom, it felt a little too bulky, but without it, the sag was too much. The solution was my purseket, without any cardbard bottom. It helps the bag keep it's shape, just enough. It's still a little squishy--just right!

    A big THANK YOU to Selena and the others that kept raving about the Speedy 30.
  2. congrats girl :yahoo: speedy 30 is worth loving :heart:
  3. another tip for a saggy bottom...go to staples and buy those pressed cardboard clip boards ($0.69) and get a razor and ruler and score it just below where the clip is and then just snap off the clip. It is the perfect size for a speedy and not heavy at all.
  4. Yeah! Another Speedy lover!
  5. Congrat's, i'm glad you're loving your speedy :smile:
  6. happy to hear it
  7. :yahoo: Yay
  8. I'm glad you love it now:yahoo:
  9. congratulations.. its a great bag :smile:
  10. yay glad it worked out for you!
  11. I just adore my 30, too!! The more you carry in it, the less sag you get.
  12. I'm glad to hear you're finally enjoying it now. I also own a speedy. I tortured myself for a week going back and forth to LV (I was in Hawaii for a vac) trying to decide on many bags but kept going back on the damier speedy 30 or 25. I finally decided on the 30. At first I thought it was too big but I decided to go ahead and start using it. I had a few more days left before I go home and exchange it for the 25. Anyways, I fell in :heart: with it and kept it. I've been using the bag just about everyday now. My dh :heart: it too:love:
  13. Its good to hear you love your speedy. Its a great everyday bag!
  14. congrats! glad to hear you found a solution and you are enjoying the bag! i just bought the damier speedy 30 and I love it! i use my LV Mono Med. Agenda to flatten out the bottom but I think I might have to check out Staples for those pressed cardboard clip boards! Thanks for the tip!
  15. Good news indeed:yes: Really glad you're enjoying it now!:flowers: