Finally...Look at what I got...

  1. I finally got my Speedy 25 from Eluxury! :yahoo: I love it!:love:

    This is my first LV bag! I have been wanting this bag for the longest and finally its mine!

    Sorry for the crappy pic I took it with my Sidekick
    lv speedy 25.jpg
  2. YEAH!! It's gorgeous! CONGRATS!
  3. It's so pretty and the handles are so pale!
  4. Thanks so much Syntagma!! :flowers:
  5. I know its because of the Sidekick it take crappy pics! :s

    I need to get a digi cam ASAP lol
  6. Gongrats, it´s a classic!
  7. congrats!
  8. congrats!
  9. Thank you everyone!!:flowers:
  10. congrats.
  11. great choice!congrats
  12. Congrats!! I am speedy-crazy right now!! Hope you enjoy it!!
  13. So pretty...congrats!!!! Looks great with the groom :smile:
  14. congrats! It's very pretty
  15. Very nice! I want a groom cles too! Congrats!
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