New Prada Pics For U All!

  1. In all honesty..The only bag I like enough is the grey Glace bag..What do u think?
    Pink is cute but too blingey for me...LOL
    Black nylon trunk bag and belt are way too blingey for me too...HEHE.
    Let me know what u think of the grey....Its only 1515...hehe....;)

  2. [​IMG]
  3. [​IMG]
  4. Black patent skinny trunk
  5. That nylon black trunk bag is OVER 2000!!!!!!!!!!!EEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWW!
  6. OOH..On a side note are new PRADA boots I bought at NM yesterday for 620-LOVES..They have the cutest acrylic buckle on top of boot
  7. Ahhhh definitely get the grey, Jill! : swoons :

    I agree with you about the other ones
  8. I don't really like the plate on the pink/grey bag but I love the grey bag!! Do those boots come in black? I love Prada boots, very comfortable.
  9. Yep.They had the boots in black too..I had to go up a HALF size too.They ran small.
    Im gettin Black CHANEL Lux I bought these in brown
  10. I really like the grey glace bag, but it looks huge. Is it that big irl? Do you know if it comes in a smaller size?

    oh and thanx for posting the pics!
  11. The grey isnt overly big IRL......Im havin a jammie modelin pics will come LATER....!!!!
  12. Those new faded bags are so fresh. Congratulations on your new pradas!
  13. Grey glace ROCKS!!! Even more gorgeous IRL!
    Nice haul, Jill, but I agree the glace is head & shoulders above the other bags.
  14. I agree with your decisions the grey bag - I'd like the pink if it didn't have all of that bling. I think they do have the pink that looks similar to the grey...

    Please take a modeling pic of the grey bag - tomorrow! Thanks!
  15. Like the grey alot -- love the style. Not in love with the style of the pink, but like the idea of the grey bag in pink. (Cool boots too)