Finally Got My MJ Bowler

  1. Well, after much waffling and waiting for a lower price and losing out on the MJ bowler at eLuxury, I finally got one when one popped back up on the website. The handles are a little wide like some ladies have mentioned but I think I can get used to them. The color (mouse) is darker than I thought but I prefer it darker.
  2. ^ Congrats Abaglover, I am glad you finally got one. =)
  3. What a cute bag! Congratulations!!
  4. Fabulous! I love the color! I'm glad you found one you love!

  5. Your going to love that bag:yes: , I have it in cashew. It's so roomy, ican fit everything + more in there.
    That color you have is gorgeous as well. Congrats:yahoo:
  6. I love that color!! Congrats :yes: !!
  7. Very cute bag. Congratulations.
  8. Nice bag! :smile:
  9. Fabulous, it's adorable! congrats on your purchase!
  10. As the old saying goes, "the best things come to those who wait", and your patience has indeed paid off, abaglover :yes:. An excellent choice...and Mouse is the ideal shade for the bowler. Enjoy it well! :smile:
  11. lovely purse! :love:
  12. I like that color! Congrats abaglover!:yes:
  13. Thanks so much, ladies :love: ! You're all so sweet!!
  14. It's a beauty!! Love the color! Congrats!!:heart: Emmy
  15. CONGRATS abaglover!! it looks great!! I'm so happy for you that you managed to find it back on the website =)