Finally got my holy grail!!!!!

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    A few weeks ago, my holy grail appeared on eBay. With the help of our Valentino Rockstud (Label Lover) I was able to get it at an amazing price!!!! I am totally, crazy in love with this bag!!!!! Thanks for letting me share....
  2. It is sooooo pretty!!! I never saw this bag before! Now for a record (do you hear me LL?) I want this bag as well!!!
  3. I believe it is from spring 09... Have obsessed over it for 3 years!!!! Lol now all I need is a rosier tote, black rockstud clutch and a plum rockstud tote!!!!
  4. What is exact name of this bag? I LOVE everything with petals.
  5. That is darling! Congrats on the grail! So excited for you!
  6. Amazing bag! I know it is a petale tote but not sure of the exact type. Totally fabulous, enjoy!:biggrin:
  7. You finally got your HG Valentino, I'm very happy for you Congrats! :biggrin:
  8. Congrats T! It's truly stunning :hugs:
  9. Thanks guys! It is a studded petal tote with black patent handles....not sure of it's true name....
  10. Congratulations on finding your holy grail! It's a beauty!
  11. congratulations on snagging your's beautiful!
  12. So pretty :smile: Congrats
  13. Thanks! It is so perfect for summer!!!
  14. Congrats! Words can't describe....:smile:
  15. OMG I am so jealous. Still lurking trying to find a deal so I can buy my first Valention :crybaby: