Finally getting some of my new jewelry posted on my website!

  1. The beginning of 2007 has FLOWN by! I can't believe we are already into the middle of February! Today was the first weekend day in a long while that I didn't have already planned full, so I finally had the time to sit at the computer and post some of my jewelry (which I've been making like mad all winter!:nuts:) on my website. There will be lots more coming!

    The shopping cart is not working yet, but if you are interested in any of the pieces, you can email me. Make sure you let me know you are a PF member!:smile:

    Wood River Jewelry

    Thanks for looking!
  2. I'd love to hear any feedback.
  3. Wow! I love your collection! I especially LOVE your bracelets.:love: I just bought a Pandora bracelet and about 25 charms for it, so I have to hold off for now. I wish I would have seen your bracelets a couple of weeks ago. I definitely would have taken one off your hands.:graucho: :p
  4. Thanks, Kat!:biggrin:

    I have several more of the bracelets in the works, and will be posting 8 more items later today. Now that I have the admin tool to post pieces, I am trying to post 8-10 every other day or so, until I get them all posted. The shopping cart is getting close, too. It is exciting for me to be able to share my work with a much larger audience than just the trunk shows I have been doing up until now.

    I'd love to get to the point where making jewelry is my full time job!

    Thanks for looking!
  5. Here is one of my favorite pieces!
  6. Great job Pippi!!! My favorite is the Lapis Dragonfly necklace. :smile: Keeping a website updated is almost a full time job! =D