Finally found one!

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  1. Good evening! Yesterday my hubby and I stopped by the Coach outlet. It was so crowded but my husband found a chair and I managed to make my way back to the section with the retail bags. On the way back there, a SA stopped me to compliment me on my new Coach studded duffle. She then wanted to point out to me that they had the purple studded Haley. They have had that bag for at least 3 weeks and just can't seem to sell it. The last 2 times I have left the outlet, I have regretted leaving that bag there. I picked it up and modeled it in the front of the mirror. I do love it and with the extra 10% off it was even cheaper then before. I thought it was what I wanted but then out of the corner of my eye I saw the bag I have been looking for!! I grabbed it and there was no way i was putting it down! Lol On the way to the check out I spotted an adorable pony scarf that would look nice on it and on my Louis Vuitton. So as I was checking out at the register, a woman who had just come in the door and came running up to me and wanted to know where I found the bag I was buying. I pointed her in the right direction and she went to the back of the store. A minute later she was next to me again pointing out to the SA my bag and that she wanted it. They told her the one I was buying was the last one they had. I could tell she was very upset but there was NO way I was letting this bag go. I have been looking for it for awhile now and finally found it! So here is my black medium staff tote!! I love this bag!

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  2. Here she is dressed up with my new pony scarf!

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  3. I thought black was stunning from day one! Glad you have her, enjoy!
  4. The scarf also looks great on my LV! I love the animal print and polka dot combo! ♡

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  5. Oh congrats. Just love to hear these kinds of stories. It gives my hope. Lol

    I have been looking for that same bag but in cobalt.

    Enjoy it! It's beautiful.
  6. Thank you! The black is classic and I know it will go with everything!
  7. Gorgeous bag, and the scarf looks great on her..Also love your LV..Congrats
  8. Oooh good thing you snagged it! It looks so cute with that scarf! Congrats!
  9. Thank you! Yeah I had pretty much given up the search but the good thing about the outlets is you never know what they are going to have. The cobalt is gorgeous! I hope you find one! :smile:
  10. Thank you!!
  11. Lol yeah! I've learned at the outlet that if I like something I better snag it quickly because if not I will be sorry when someone else does. Thank you!
  12. pretty bag and scarf, congrats!
  13. Thank you!
  14. Love the bag and scarf! Congrats!
  15. Haha! My hubby always sits down in the coach outlet too :smile: