finally decided! my 1st purchase of 2009...

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  1. hi all

    first of all, thanks to my dear tpfer who help me choose in my previous thread

    i must be out of my mind for not getting the chanel flap, however i need more spacious bag to fit in my daily stuffs... so finally i made up my mind and got myself this lovely suhali piece first, and will get the chanel later...

    so here we go... may I present: Ms. Suhali LE RADIEUX!! I'm totally in LVOEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! :yahoo:



  2. i like it...nice:tup:
  3. Beautiful!:yes:
  4. Gorgeous!! Congrats, it's to die for.
  5. Love it!
  6. and some modelling pics.... :wlae:





  7. Congrats ! Way to start off 2009 with a bang ! ;)
  8. :faint: WOW Congrats
  9. stunning bag! Is it heavy ?
  10. Beautiful! Congrats and nice purchase of 2009!!
  11. oh i love it :tender: congrats!
  12. thanks all for your sweet comments...

    Bag Fetish: I haven't use her out yet, but I think she just as heavy as trevi pm. I can handle it... hehehe....
  13. Congrats!
    your modeling pics are gorgeous,
    I have this bag in black, and I think it is super!
  14. Congrats! The verone is a lovely colour. Enjoy your bag.
  15. Really just GORGEOUS! Great color, def will hold more than even an XL flap and I think it's more flexible.

    This is my fav picture

    I love it on you - Congrats!