Finally committed & ordered an AnthraCity!

  1. YAY!! No more indecision! :smile: I hope it gets here in time for my birthday on Sunday. I really think that Plomb might be more of what I had in mind, but if that's the case I can always sell this one later on. I'm really hoping that I fall madly in love with my bag upon arrival so finger's crossed! Thanks for everyone's help: I was still torn b/t this and Sandstone, but I need a darker bag so this one won out.
  2. Congrats for ur final decision to get the anthracite city....don't forget to post pics when u receive ur baby...heheheh
  3. Oh, Yay! Another Anthrababy!!!

    Make sure you'll post pics of your girlie when she arrives:heart:
  4. congrats!
  5. Congrats. I love my Anthracity to DEATH! It's a stunning color...mine is more blue than green/gray, and but it's an awesome blue that turns heads wherever she goes.

    Post pix!
  6. Congrats! It feels good to finally pick one and have her arrive. Please post pics when you get her!
  7. Yay for you, Sassy! My anthracity is my favorite bbag. It's so unusual in color. Hope you love it!
  8. Congrats! I think you're going to love it! It's quite versatile. It goes with a lot and you can dress it up or down. Post pics soon. :yahoo:
  9. I REALLY wanted a regular hw Anthracite Day, but now that Balny isnt getting them ( they have the giant hw I dont like the giant hw) I think I need the Anthracite City. Think I will sell my Marine City to buy it.

  10. I really love Marine, but I feel like I wear jeans too often for that color to work for me. I think it would just blend in. :sad:

    I'm so so excited! Thanks for all the well wishes and I'll be sure to post pics. Hopefully this will help ease the transition to <gulp> 23!:wtf:
  11. I just got mine yesterday. :happydance::happydance::happydance:

    It's the only thing keeping me going during finals and end of the semester crap. I don't have time to take a picture.

    I just marvel at it. I think it is the best color ever in the whole world (returned a black City to get it - man was that ever a good idea). It works so well with my wardrobe, and it is so different in different light. It is sitting there looking all conservative on my desk right now - I'm sure everyone thinks it's just an ordinary black bag.

    But it isn't. I know just how excited you are. You'll probably get yours before I get pictures of mine posted - we can post together! Congratulations, hope it arrives quickly (mine took four days from BalNY to SoCal, via UPS).
  12. Congrats! Its a great color! I LOVE mine, matches everything.:yahoo:
  13. Congrats! The colour continues to surprise me, I have been using her non-stop so much so that I have had to consciously stop and use my other other babies! I hope you love your anthrababy as much as I love mine! Please post pix as soon as you can and Happy Birthday!