Finally, 1,000. It's only been 2 years

  1. lol *toots own horn* My posting amount signifigantly increases when I have money :roflmfao:
    At this rate its going to take me forever to venture into the world of 5 digits
  2. CONGRATS!!! I'm doing my best to reach 1,000 aswell... it's taking me forever!! I always wonder how some people get 10,000000000 posts hahaha

    But well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Keep it up, I wish I could do that also :sad:
  4. That goes for me too! I can't seem to make it 1000! Guess I'm more of a reader than a poster! It feels like I'm always on here, but why isn't my number higher!!!!
  5. Congrats!!
  6. It's alright as long as you get there! Congrats!
  7. :drinkup: cheers!!
  8. :yahoo:Meeee to, in fact this post right now will be my 1000th :wlae:
  9. LOL you're almost there!
  10. Congratulations! I remember when we were newbies and I'm right behind you!
  11. yay~ congrats!!! it took me a long time to get to 1000 LOL
  12. Well done! You give me hope that I might get there too!!
  13. Congrats on your 1000!!