Ferro Roma + Cement Waxed Phyton bag = broke but happy :p

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  1. I finally decided to bought cement waxed phyton bag and also ended up getting ferro roma bag... i'm officially broke... :crybaby:no more bags for me until christmas!

    On the other hand, I'm TOTALLY in loveeee with the cement waxed phyton bag... love the color n leather. The Roma bag is finally a dream come true after waiting for the right roma bag for a year or so. hehehe...

    will post the pix later tonite ^_^
  2. I LOOOOVE the cement python bag!!!! Do post pics when you can; I saw it on BV website and on the Bagsnob, and it's definately my favourite this season!!!!
  3. OMG!
    I cant wait for the pics, belleze!
  4. Yipee, we gonna have some new pics and action pics to drool..... !

    Congratulations, bellezee!
  5. Oy. Python!!! A ban until Christmas is worth it!!!

    Can't wait for pics! :choochoo:
  6. :popcorn: waiting impatiently for your pics!!!!
  7. Awwwgh, the anticipation is killing me!! Many congrats belleze!!
  8. :huh:Oh how exciting... ~!!!... now it's picture time!!! :popcorn:
  9. Pics!
  10. Here are the pix! I'll post the action pix later.

    Attached Files:

  11. And I'm first to see 'em! :yahoo:

    They're simply GORGEOUS, bellezee! The colour on the python is stunning. And well, y'know how Ferro is always a winner. Congrats!!
  12. bellezee, congrats! Those two bags (seems as if noone can buy only one bag at a time lately!) are so worth your ban!
  13. Congrats, that must have broke the bank. I just got my ferro roma too and I can't stop carrying her. I'm sure you will love yours!
  14. Wow, they are very beautiful. Congrats. Enjoy wearing them with good health.
  15. Beautiful!!