Ferragamo Outlet questions

  1. I am not sure where to post this - but I wanted to know if anyone else here at TPF calls the Ferragamo outlets for sales and stuff - if so who their SA is and how good are the prices compared to NM or Saks sales? Also what is the general opinion of their stuff? I know I am asking a lot of questions - I just want some more information about their stuff compared to Cole Haan, Coach, LV, Bally, Gucci, etc. TIA!
    Sorry again if this is posted in the wrong section!
  2. I've called the Ferragamo outlet (in California) before. The SA didn't seem too knowledgable - I called if they had a particular bag in stock and she didn't know any of the bags by name.
    I like the prices - there was a satin clutch originally around $700 but they were selling it for $349.
    It's hard to know what they have or what they're going to hace. It seems like a hit or miss thing. Sometimes I go into the store and I want to get a bunch of bags, other times there is absolutely nothing that I like...

    I hope this helped...(sorry if it didn't!)
  3. actually it does help - thank you!
    I have called the Orlando store and actually got a fairly quick response and stuff - I am not sure how knowledgable they are about the products - however I am not knowledgable myself either. I am hoping to make my first purchase from the outlet - and wanted to know more from TPF members of their experiences and expertise. I do feel bad that every time I post I have questions about these things that everyone seems to be so knowledgable about. Hope nobody is tired of my postings yet..
  4. Thanks for asking the question - I've been wondering about the same thing as well. Seems that there is very little info on Ferragamo's outlets, etc.
    I am going to make a journey to the one in South Florida around Christmas (I think it's called Sawgrass?) and will report back.
    I went there earlier this year (Spring time) and found that they had nice bags, some were in great shape, others not. The prices seemed pretty good to me - but then - I really wasn't into bags back then and my base of knowledge at that time was limited.
    NOW I know more.
    Good luck, keep us posted on your "find".
  5. I have shopped at the Ferragamo outlet last year in Chicago. They have very updated bags. There is one bag that I saw on Michigan avenue in October. I saw the bag in the outlet when I went there for my Black Friday shopping the same year. The price is 25% off for newer style bags.
  6. I actually received an email with some stuff. There are shoes in sizes 9.5 B they and there are bags on sale that I have pics of and some new stock they got in along with pictures of scarfs for $129. The lady that responded back to me isn't back to work till Friday - I don't know how to post these pictures up and there's a lot of them. If anyone wants to they can PM me for me to forward the two emails? I saw two pairs of sandals that they just got in and aren't on sale - but the prices are decent - one of them was $179 the other pair I liked was $219.
    They have this hobo purse on sale for $499 in a red(dish)/black/white. She sent me pics of some of the wallets (she sent me pics of the french and long wallets). I asked for some specific things so that is what she sent me pictures of. The lady was very quick in sending me pictures - unfortunately I didn't get names of the products except for the shoes and not all the handbags had prices attached with the email.
    I am glad some of you actually don't mind this thread. I hope this helps some other people like myself that is looking for Ferragamo stuff and info. I am still hoping that there are some other members that have more insight to their stuff. I am still very new to collecting purses and looking at different designers and under rated designers to see what is out there and also the most for my money... kinda like everyone here, right?
  7. I have shopped at the Ferragamo outlet in Chicago area. All sales are final, and after I got one home I noticed the inner zipper had a flaw in it. They do have good prices, though.
  8. $399.JPG - $399
    $499.JPG - $499
    799-1200.JPG -$799 -$1200

    calf skin 499.JPG -$499

    Crocodile clutch $4876.JPG - $4876
    Posting the handbag pics of what the SA Lourdes sent me - she will be at work tomorrow from 10-6 PM - for the one that I didn't get a price on you can tell her I received her email - my name is Stephanie - maybe that helps? I haven't purchased from her yet - but she was very helpful when I had spoken with her and she was very quick in sending me the pictures... hope someone here can enjoy these prices...for some of these bags..the prices is the file name
  9. hobo $499.JPG - $499

    hobo calf skin $499.JPG - $499

    large lizard skin $2275.JPG - $2275

    rabbit fur with lizard skin trimming $699.JPG -$699

    marissa lizard skin $1625.JPG - $1625
  10. sheep skin $774.JPG - $774

    sheep skin $832.JPG -$832

    Oh! I forgot to give you all her contact information... if you are interested..
  11. $189.JPG - $189

    $216_PINK_WITH_BOW.JPG -$216

    $228.JPG -$228

    $254.JPG -$254
  12. $306.JPG - $306

    BLKWHITE_$257_WHITE_SILVER_$234.JPG - blk & white - $257 white & silver $234

    LIZARD_SKIN_BLACK_&_BEIGE_$240.JPG - Lizard skin in black or beige $240

    PEACH_$240_WHITE_$234.JPG - Peach $240 white $234

    PINK_$230_MAUVE_4225.JPG - pink $230 - not sure how much the mauve one is
  13. RED_$228_PNY_HAIR_$312.JPG
    the red one is $228
    Pny Hair $312
  14. you are an angel to post these pics!
  15. it's not a problem at all - there's actually a few more pics of handbags - but no prices - I have received pics of shoes in my size though - along with scarfs - didn't know if anyone wanted to see the shoes or scarfs - but I will try to post more of the handbags pics up...