Ferragamo Outlet in NJ? Yes or No?

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  1. Hey there everybody! I hope everyone's been having a great and fun summer. Hope a lot of shopping has been taking place too:smile:

    So this leads me to my question....Is there a Salvatore Ferragamo outlet in Secaucus, New Jersey. I heard rumors that it's only open on Thursday and Saturday....I also read some old posts on the forum...Can anybody tell me about this outlet and if the deals are good?

    Thanks :smile:
  2. hi there! as far as i know there'r none in NJ.. woodburry NY has Ferragamo outlet.. good luck! :smile:
  3. Yes, it's open only on Thursday and Saturday. I always go there on Saturday and it closes at 3pm on Saturday (5pm on Thursday). Now, most sample shoes are size 7B, and few other sizes to choose from. low inventory on handbags too.
  4. Thanks! Yes, I knew there had to be an outlet in NJ. I couldn't find a lot of reliable info on google, but I knew someone on here would know!....Do they carry a lot of mens items? Wallets or shoes?
  5. they don't have many shoes and clothes for men. wallets are priced at @149 (around 5 types for men) and some belts are available.

    I heard they have Labor day sale coming soon. you can call them to confirm before drive there.
  6. so are they open all year round? I am interested in handbags. when you say not much bags, are they past season bags? what types of bags available? thanks