Ferragamo handbags

  1. What do you guys think of this bag? I really like it, but I wish it had silvertone hardware.:sad2: I love the handle it's a nice change from a plain chain.
  2. What are the beads made out of? I think it's a unique look, and I really hope that it's atleast anodized brass. Otherwise, it'll look like crap, need to be polished and you definitely don't want the polishing goop on your white leather. And if it's plated.. well.. that will just look as bad later on too. Silver hardware will definitely make it look cleaner and sharp.

    It's a very lovely bag and I like it a lot. Ferragamo has sumptuous leather too!
  3. Love it! I actually like the gold better, becuase for me I think gold hardware keeps a white bag from getting too boring.
  4. its a very nice looking bag.. n yup, ferragamo has really nice leather..
  5. All it says is "metal" and "hardware color: gold." Hmmm....:huh:
  6. Where did you find this? I love ferragamo bags. They have very nice leather and their bags never go out of style.
  7. I saw it in ferragamo, galleria. It is nice but a bit tiny. Not an everyday bag. It would be suitable for bringing to dinner etc imo.
  8. I love bags from Ferragamo. They look very classy and feminine.
    Kat, I think gold hardware looks nice on white leather.
  9. [​IMG]
    Actually, I forgot whether I saw the bag close up. There were many bags I wanted to look at but my daughter wanted to go elsewhere. I saw this one in the photo though. It has shoulder straps too. Nice.
  10. It's a cute Ferragamo. I think they are kind of underrated.
  11. I like the chain bag but I'm not sure about the horseshoe ornament though.
  12. I found it on styledrops which is supposed to be legit; right? I'm going to pass on it. I really don't like the gold hardware.
  13. Never try styledrops, but members from purse forums say their stuffs are authentic.