Ferragamo Gancio

  1. I am not very familar with Ferragamo so I'm hoping some of our PFers may help me out. I have seen pics of Gancio before and I haven't thought much of it until I saw it IRL the other day! It was beautiful and I couldn't stop thinking about it ever since. I'm wondering..

    1. Is it a classic with Ferragamo or is it this season only?
    2. What other colors do it come in?
    3. other than leather, I know it comes in ostrich and croc... anything else?

  2. dont knwo much about it but i like that bag too!
  3. I think the Gancio is absolutely timeless, in pretty much every color. My favorite is the magnolia leather. If you are going for the more exotic, then the yellow ostrich leather. I don't think it will ever achieve the "It" bag status, but it's such a classic that you could use forever.
  4. I agree with BalenciagaLove. I have the yellow ostrich and I really enjoy wearing it and adore that bag!:heart:

    I know it comes in regular leather, patent, croc, ostrich, and I think also in cloth material like jean if I am not mistaken. Please correct me if I am wrong ladies..:smile:
  5. I just got it in aqua with a lime green interior- I think USCgirl has the same purse. Anyway, it takes on a fun, casual look in the brighter color so this will be nice for summer. I also like Sweetea's and Kat's versions of it. I find it pretty versatile and comfortable to carry.:rolleyes:
  6. I have a black one with silver hardware. I LOVE it! If you are interested in getting one the Ferragamo store at Americana Manhasset has a whole bunch. They also have some in exotic skins. They have the one that Sweetea has, the yellow ostrich, GORGEOUS, and the SA also showed me two python bags. I wasn't too interested in the exotic skins so I did not look any further. You can call the SA and inquire about the bags he has. His name is Allen. His phone number is (516) 365-9765. Let us know what you decide.
  7. That is why I love this forum. You find people with similar taste as yours. I have been searching for this handbag everywhere on the internet. Look-up and joined this forum and find you gals with all the information I need. Thanks for the info.
  8. I don't know this bag - does anyone have a photo?
  9. :heart: I looooove this bag!:heart: Next on my list, but I want a different color than these:
  10. Try searching using either "Ferragamo" or "Gancio". There have been several threads on this bag and some members have posted photos of their bags in the various threads.
  11. thanks everyone for their inputs! sounds like this bag has been around for a while and probably will stick around for a long time as well. I heard there is a one in "midnight blue".. that sounds yummy! maybe i'll go to their store sometime next week and see what they got..

    kat>> thanks for the ContaCt info... it's muCh appreCiated..

    and i guess this brings it to my next question: does ferragamo ever go on sale? i know they do during boxing day beCause i remembered seeing the line up.. how 'bout in the summer time? and also, does this bag ever go on sale? thanks
  12. I got a bargain on mine from Ebay but it had outlet tags on it and had been marked down to $720 previously. It's last season's color.
    6e_1.jpg d7_1.jpg
  13. Bagpuss, congrats - that colour is gorgeous, and as for the bag itself... well, it's beautiful. Congrats to all lucky owners of this classic (IMHO) handbag creation.
  14. For your reference, here is a pic of my black one with silver hardware.
  15. I think I prefer the silver hardware. Love yours Kat!