Ferragamo Fiera shoulder bag

  1. Wow! I'm am loving this bag!:love: This is definitely high on my wish list. What do you think of this bag? Do you like it better than the tote?

  2. Here's the tote.

  3. the tote is really cute, if i were more adventurous..
  4. :supacool: Thumbs up, I like um wild
  5. Just beautiful! The first bag is more refine and intricate than the second one but they are both pretty.
  6. they are both TDF!
    Maybe I'd go for tote :smile:
  7. i have the tote, and i LOOOOVE it! :tender:
    ferragamo1.jpg ferragamo2.jpg
  8. wonderful!!:heart:

  9. You probably know, but those bags are on sale now at Bluefly.
  10. Your tote is absolutely gorgeous!:love: Thanks for posting pics!:P
  11. I didn't know. Thanks for the heads-up. :P I've been staying away from Bluefly since the Balenciaga fiasco .....:sad:
  12. I really like that pattern! I think the tote looks much better than the first bag, though, with that style, you'd want something a lot more casual, and it looks cuter as a tote. I love that tiger in the center!
  13. Or, leopard, oops
  14. Love the tote!:heart: